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Content celebrating diversity and inclusion in science, technology, and the arts.







content creators showcasing diversity in STEM

#GoBeyond is an educational media initiative and creative agency dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion in STEM fields (science, tech, engineering and math). Collectively, our team has over a decade of experience in engineering and industrial design, video production, animation, and digital content creation. As a team, we've created content for Deloitte, World Science Festival, and the Geena Davis Institute, among others. We are always looking for more organizations we can help and more women we can feature. We look forward to chatting with you about how we can amplify the achievements of your organization's STEM professionals and programs. 



FOunded by women in STEM, celebrating women in STEM

Women make up only 24% of the STEM workforce, only 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEOs, and only 2.7% of venture capitalist recipients. #GoBeyond is composed of female founders with background in STEM, supported by a team of video professionals. As the bridge between these two worlds, #GoBeyond gives voice and vision to those who are not always heard or seen within technical communities. Our content shares the stories of women who are paving the way for scientific and technical progress. A celebration of curiosity, community, and perseverance, #GoBeyond not only debunks present scientific myths based on these women’s cutting edge research, it also explores the fascinating future created through their ingenuity.






Jenn Halweil studied electrical engineering as one of three women in a two hundred person circuits class, and wondered where all the women went. She continued to be confused by this trend as the only female consultant for various tech startups, including TransLoc, just awarded one of Fast Company’s most innovative companies, and the Department of Energy’s Freedom Car division, their alternative fuel vehicle research center.

A decade ago, she started Legacy Impacts, an educational non-profit to bolster diversity in the sciences, which hosted events drawing audiences of more than 50,000 attendees. Her work has been featured in Mic, Buzzfeed, ABC11, mtvU, and News14 to name a few, and footage she has filmed has appeared in Forbes, Bloomberg, and Huffington Post. Through educational events and content, her work has reached tens of thousands. #GoBeyond enables her to exponentially amplify this audience. Jenn leads #GoBeyond.

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Jennifer Tate is a multi-faceted designer with a diverse range of experience spanning consumer products, graphics, and habitable spaces. A selection of her high profile endeavors over the past several years include a brand revitalization for Alaska Airlines, trend forecasting for Hilton Worldwide, and serving on the LG Electronics “Design America” creative team. Her work has been awarded Adobe Muse Site of the Year and Site of the Day. She is currently a guest lecturer at Pratt, where she received her Masters of Industrial Design.

Tate believes design is about solving problems with intent. As head of her own design studio, she especially loves championing products that are designed for women by women, and seeks to empower and enable more women looking to enter STEM related fields. She is proud of the work she has accomplished, particularly for women-led ventures, and the early mockups she has created for #GoBeyond. Tate guides #GoBeyond’s creative direction and design.




Tamara Robertson quickly excelled in her career as a licensed Chemical & Biomolecular Engineer which afforded her the ability to travel and gain experience in global tech transfers, process & facilities design, patented additive technology development, and package design for some of the top Fortune 500 companies. In 2015, Tamara selected to leave her corporate career to pursue Science Outreach full time in an effort to inspire the next generation to pursue future careers in S.T.E.M.

Tamara is currently the Co-Host for “Scijinks” on Discovery / Science Channel and a Guest Specialist for “Mythbusters” on Science Channel. In her down time, she volunteers with several outreach programs focused on bringing STEM and the ARTS to at-risk youth. She is passionate about advancing this outreach work through championing #GoBeyond.

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Caroline Mariko Stucky is an award winning Swiss-Japanese cinematographer with a fierce passion for American culture. For Caroline, film, the world of the image, is the ultimate language that trumps the kaleidoscope of spoken languages of her childhood. In 2018, Stucky shot seven music videos for Dave Keuning, guitarist of The Killers, for his debut solo album Prismism. Since 2015, Stucky has been documenting soprano Ariadne Greif ’s staged musical commissioning project called Dreams & Nightmares for a music documentary, Only a Dream, exploring the trials and serendipities of the creative process. Her most notable work has been on The Perfect Bunny (2014), written and directed by multiple Goya Award winner Jorge Laplace and Homage to Switzerland (2015), an adaptation from Ernest Hemingway's short story, directed by Pierric Tenthorey. Stucky has been a member of the International Collective of Female Cinematographers since 2017.




Onur Battal is a cinematographer and photographer with over a decade of experience working with leading international companies and news organizations including: CNN, Bloomberg, Macy's and Coach. His work has screened on multiple continents and received millions of digital views. Originally, a fashion photographer, Onur now enjoys creating a beautiful aesthetic for our featured #GoBeyond scientists, technologists, mathematicians, and engineers. Originally from Turkey, Onur currently resides in NYC.



#GoBeyond started as an Instagram account documenting a different woman in STEM everyday but it has quickly grown into so much more. In January, we hosted a #GoBeyond Hidden Figures panel at Cooper Union where we highlighted real life hidden figures, Avis Yates Rivers, who is CEO and president of Technology Concepts Group International, Dr. Emily Levesque, an astronomer at the University of Washington who studies stars and formerly was a Hubble Telescope postdoctoral fellow; Charlie Oliver, a media expert who recently launched Tech2025 to educate the public on the next wave of disruptive, emerging technologies; and our very own Tamara Robertson, and a chemical and biomolecular engineer who hosts Skeptoid Media’s “The Feeding Tube” and was a finalist on the Science Channel’s “Mythbusters: The Search."

The event sold out with over 350 attendees. 


“How can we expect to create the best technology when we fail to engage the majority of users, particularly women and people of color, in the development process? This is how information bubbles form, and as we’ve seen from history, bubbles eventually burst. Changing the face of technology is no longer something we can afford to ignore,” says Ms. Rivers, who is a White House Champion of Change and author of Necessary Inclusion: Embracing the Changing Faces of Technology.

After a 45-minute discussion, the panelists met students at an informal gathering. Prof. George Delagrammatikas, associate professor of mechanical engineering and STEM Outreach Program director, who brought the event to The Cooper Union, said, “What I think is particularly powerful about 'Hidden Figures' is that it tells a little known story about how women of color have contributed to science and technology. That’s important because role models are critical for bringing more diversity to the field.” 

So what's next? We've begun shooting video portraits of women in STEM to build #GoBeyond into a multimedia docuseries. We ask some of society's most pressing scientific questions and we find women who are Nancy Drewing their way to answers. And we’re working on a TV show Beyond the Build where diverse engineers teach youth DIY science hacks for big world problems like urban heating, water pollution, and plastic waste management. Know a woman we should feature? Shoot us a message via the contact form. Want to get involved? Shoot us a message via the contact form. You've discovered nuclear fusion!? Shoot us a message via the contact form. And if you know or are part of a company that is looking for ways to elevate your diversity and inclusion efforts and women in STEM leaders…. you got it…Shoot us a message via the contact form below ;-)



Our Team is located in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA. If you’d like to get in touch, please fill out this form, and we will get back to you as soon as we are able. Thank you!

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